The Finnish Energy

Domicile: Helsinki

The Finnish Energy (ET) is a sector organisation for the industrial and labour market policy of the energy sector. It represents companies that produce, acquire, transmit and sell electricity, district heat and district cooling and offer related services.

The Finnish energy sector uses about 18 million cubic meters of wood-based fuels annually in energy production. The most used wood-based fuel is wood chips. In year 2015 it was used over 7 million m3. The main source of wood chips are forest companies and forest management associations where the wood chips are generated as a residual of forest management and harvesting. The energy sector utilized 10 million m3 of forest industry residuals in 2015. 70 percent of that amount was bark.

Wood-based fuels are replacing fossil fuels in heating plants and combined heat and power plants. In 2015, 33 % of district heat was produced from wood-based fuels. The equivalent figure in electricity generation was 16 %.

Contact persons:

Jari Kostama


Forest policy

+358 50 301 1870

Jukka Makkonen


Sustainable bioenergy

+358 40 702 8634

Katja Kurki-Suonio


Forest-based fuels in district heating and energy production

+358 50 374 7449

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