Bioeconomy means an economy that utilises biological natural resources and turns them into food, energy and other products and services. It is characterised by the use of clean technologies that save the environment and by efficient recycling of materials. Bioeconomy makes us less dependent on fossil fuels, prevents the impoverishment of ecosystems, promotes economic development and creates new jobs. Bioeconomy is the next wave of economy.

Finland’s rise to become one of the world’s most prosperous countries is based on our ability to utilise renewable natural resources, our green gold. Forests and pristine nature are, and have always been, the basis of our existence. Finland has top-notch expertise in sustainable forest bioeconomy. Some 80 per cent of our land area is covered with forest, which we manage so well that more timber grows every year than we utilise. We also use waste and side streams efficiently. Finland has strong know-how in technology, construction, energy, chemistry, food and health sciences. Innovation, cooperation and combined technologies in these fields make Finland a true leader in bioeconomy. Have a question you want to solve sustainably through bioeconomy? Ask a Finn for advice.

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