Clean water and fisheries resources and water resources expertise to boost Finnish exports

News - Published 25.11.2016

The Government aims to promote the growth of business and internationalisation based on Finland’s abundant water and fisheries resources and the high standard of expertise. On 25 November the ministerial working group on the bioeconomy adopted a development plan for the blue bioeconomy, prepared under the lead of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The plan aims for the growth of business that is based on the sustainable use of renewable aquatic resources.

Through sustainable utilisation of aquatic resources we can find solutions to the challenges arising from the rapid population growth and climate change. By 2050 the world population of more than nine billion will need an estimated 70 per cent more food and over 50 per cent more clean water than in 2010.

Clean water, functioning water services and management of water-related risks, sustainable aquaculture and good environmental status are in a key position in solving the sustainability challenges. We believe that there will be a global demand for Finnish expertise in water management and comprehensive technology-based solutions.

– Because of our abundant aquatic resources, multidisciplinary expertise and good reputation Finland is well positioned to contribute to solving global problems. There is growth potential in business that is based on the use of aquatic resources, while promoting a favourable status of waters. Good examples of this include water-saving solutions that enable the utilisation of nutrients and energy contained in wastewater, says Kimmo Tiilikainen, Minister of Agriculture and the Environment.

– In Finland there is growth potential especially in tourism, fisheries and wellbeing services offered by the aquatic environments, Tiilikainen points out.

The Government promotes blue bioeconomy by one of its key projects that crosses the traditional sectoral boundaries and reinforces partnerships among companies, administrative bodies and research. New kinds of business are also being searched for in aquaculture.

The development plan for blue bioeconomy has been prepared in cooperation among the Natural Resources Institute Finland, Finnish Environment Institute, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, and other stakeholders. The plan was circulated for comment to all the relevant stakeholders in summer 2016. During the preparation several national and regional events and student and researcher workshops were organised.

One of the Government’s key projects is concerned with the blue bioeconomy. The vision is that by 2025 the blue bioeconomy is a strong growth sector where the development of business operations is well in harmony with the good status of the aquatic environment. The blue bioeconomy means business that is based on the utilisation of renewable aquatic resources.


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