Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s strategy for 2030 now complete

News - Published 5.4.2019

The Ministry of Agriculture aims to make responsible bioeconomy and circular economy an integral part of the foundation of Finland’s competitiveness and wellbeing by 2030. The Ministry wants to be a facilitator of renewable and sustainable food and natural resource economies and a producer of reliable information resources.

The preparation work for the new strategy has taken into account the main drivers of change in the Ministry’s administrative branch. These include climate change, the sustainable use of natural resources, technological advances and the transformation of the global economy.

– Our strategy and its implementation are part of Finland’s renewal process, which is guided by the principles of ecological, social and financial sustainability, says the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Jaana Husu-Kallio.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is the first ministry to take into account the UN’s sustainable development principles in its strategy.

– The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is truly a ministry of sustainable development, and we are doing our part to solve the most important questions facing Finland and all of humanity. Our work and decision-making always take into account people, the environment and the economy, Husu-Kallio explains.

Husu-Kallio emphasises that although the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry operates in a global environment, the work carried out in the Ministry and its administrative branch has a direct impact on the everyday lives of all Finns.

Everyday work at the Ministry will continue to focus on agriculture and forestry. This includes safeguarding the wellbeing of people, plants and animals and advancing the sustainable use of water, fish, game and other renewable resources.

The strategy contains four impact objectives that apply to the Ministry’s entire administrative branch.

The Ministry aims to improve the competitiveness of Finland’s responsible and renewable food production system. At the same time, a renewable and sustainable natural resource economy will boost wellbeing throughout the country. Replacing fossil-based raw materials with renewable energy sources is an essential part of this work.

Finnish society cannot succeed without prosperous, thriving rural areas. The conditions for ensuring the vitality of rural areas include strong networks, wide-ranging business activities and new opportunities created through multilocal work. The Ministry also is also working to ensure that versatile location, building and apartment registry data can be used to enable new business and safeguard ownership.

Many of the things we take for granted, such as our northern nature, clean water and safe food system present a great opportunity for Finland to succeed in an increasingly uncertain world.

– Inspired by our new strategy, we in the administrative branch of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry are working to create a Finland capable of renewal and development – we are involved in building a renewable and sustainable food system and natural resources economy and in developing an innovative geographical information system.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s Strategy for 2030 PDF 4MB

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