Recycle nutrients for clear waters – the videos show you how!

News - Published 3.12.2018

Ravinteet kiertoon, vesistöt kuntoon – katso videoilta miten!

What could ecologically intensive agriculture really be like? What do common reed and chicken poop have in common? How does the internationally awarded innovation for wastewater treatment work? Watch the videos and learn about these and other actions in Finland done for the benefit of nutrient recycling and water protection!

The video clips on sustainable use of nutrients show cost-efficient ways to proceed with circular economy and water protection. You will also learn about the measures for which funding under the Rural Development Programme and Government Key Project on Circular Economy is being used.

Make good use of all streams

Animal manure is the most significant nutrient-rich side-stream produced in Finland. On the video those with practical knowledge of this tell how nutrients in manure can be put to effective use by improving cooperation between farms, through innovations on bedding and heat recovery, and by developing different kinds of fertiliser products from recycled nutrients.

Agriculture that is truly intensive is presented by farmers of the Qvidja Farm, who aim to circulate all side streams and energy of farming operations. The operating logic of the innovation for the recovery of nitrogen and phosphorus contained in municipal wastewater (RAVITA) is also illustrated clearly on one of the videos.

All videos under search term ‘Recycle nutrients

The videos were produced under the project ‘Making use of agricultural nutrients’ of the Natural Resources Institute Finland. The aim of the project is to share information on nutrient recycling and circular economy. The project is part of the set of Government Key Projects on circular economy.

All videos in YouTube in the English language can be found under search term ‘Recycle nutrients’.

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Anna Toppari, Communications Specialist, Making use of agricultural nutrients, Natural Resources Institute Finland,, tel. + 358 029 532 5828

News from Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, 12.11.2018