Stakeholder event on Oma kala (Own fish) online service

News - Published 5.10.2020

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Natural Resources Institute Finland held a stakeholder event on the Oma kala (Own fish) online service on 24 September 2020. Various stakeholders had been invited to hear about the progress of the project and tell their views to boost the development of the service.

The event brought together more than 50 people representing the administration, associations and research institutes, most of them via remote connections. A participatory inquiry was conducted to collect opinions and development proposals. The proposals will be used to further develop the functional properties of the service.

Easier to report catches through the Oma Kala (Own fish) service

The purpose of the online service targeted to recreational fishers is to collect data on fishing for research.

The service was presented by Senior Ministerial Adviser Eija Kirjavainen from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. “Through this data we can promote the sustainable use and management of fish stocks and their protection. The data will also contribute to our efforts to ensure good fishing opportunities for the future,” she says.

Service ready for use in June 2021

During the spring and summer a lot of work on developing the service was done at the Natural Resources Institute Finland. This included piloting the electronic collection of catch data that will be integrated into the service later on. The inquiries concerning catches were targeted to fishing permits purchased for the River Tornionjoki via the and online stores.

Alongside the piloting process, work was being done on the service architecture, and the next step will be competitive tendering. The aim is to publish the first parts of the service in the beginning of June 2021.

Project Manager Kimmo Murto from the Natural Resources Institute Finland recognises the challenge, but he is still optimistic. “The timetable is challenging, especially because the tendering process takes quite some time. I still believe that the target is realistic, as long as we can start the implementation phase as early as possible next year. Obviously, not all the desired functionalities will be ready when we first publish the service, but it will be supplemented and developed on an ongoing basis, making use of agile development,” he says.

Oma kala (Own fish) stakeholder event 24 September 2020 (in Finnish)

Press release 14 February 2020: Building of Oma kala (Own fish) online service for recreational fishing started (in Finnish)

Eija Kirjavainen, Senior Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, tel. +358 40 772 1262,

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