Updating of sectoral low-carbon roadmaps begins

News - Published 4.12.2023

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has started to update the low-carbon roadmaps together with the sectors. During the previous government term, 13 sectors drew up roadmaps describing their paths towards a low-carbon economy. Industry-specific approach helps to ensure that the roadmaps are ones that companies in the sector can identify with and genuinely commit to.

In accordance with the Government Programme of Prime Minister Petteri Orpo, the low-carbon roadmaps from 2020 will be updated to better reflect the changed operating environment and technological development, as applicable. The sectors have again been enthusiastic about preparing the roadmaps, and most updates are scheduled to be completed by summer 2024.

“The updated low-carbon roadmaps will help us achieve the emission reduction targets. The sectors’ insights and inputs are invaluable in this work. We appreciate this involvement and dedication,” says Minister of Climate and the Environment Kai Mykkänen.

The demand for updated roadmaps is driven by changes in the operating environment of companies. New information needs have also been identified especially on security of supply, access to critical raw materials and availability of a skilled workforce.

The low-carbon roadmaps provide the government estimates of anticipated sectoral development and support policy design. They are also a means to obtain a more accurate picture of the scale, costs and preconditions of the necessary measures and to increase awareness of the opportunities created by the carbon neutrality target.

Low-carbon roadmaps are an internationally unique way to facilitate dialogue between businesses and the government in order to promote Finland’s carbon neutrality target under the Climate Act.

Joint investment, joint benefit – Roadmaps to be ready by summer 2024

The creation of low-carbon roadmaps is based on the voluntary participation of industries and companies. Various sectors have initiated their considerations regarding the updating process. The approach rests on the principle that each industry is most familiar with its own domain, and the information needs they identify guide the updating of roadmaps.

The updating of the roadmaps promotes dialogue within the sector, improves cooperation between sectors in solving sustainability challenges and supports the ministries’ policy design.

The aim is to complete the updated roadmaps during spring 2024 so that they can be used in strategy work led by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, especially in the preparation of the energy and climate strategy and the industrial policy strategy.

The update is being carried out in close cooperation between representatives of the central government and the sectors. The sectors involved last time have been provided with the government’s guidelines and wishes for updates. However, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment also welcomes new sectors to draw up low-carbon roadmaps as part of the project coordinated by the Ministry.

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Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment press release 1.12.2023