Video: Bioeconomy in Central Finland

Video - Published 30.9.2020

Bioeconomy has been Central Finland’s advantage for a long time. And now, because of megatrends such as climate change, it is even more crucial to focus on bioeconomy.

Looking at the landscape, Central Finland is more covered with forests than Finland on average. We have 9 % of the Finnish forests in our region. This is one reason for the long traditions of forest bioeconomy in our region. Besides long traditions, bioeconomy is also important for Central Finland both nowadays and in the future.

As a regional developer, the work of Regional Council of Central Finland is to point out region’s possibilities and advantages and build the region’s future on them. Since bioeconomy is a clear advantage of our region, it is naturally important part of our development work. Thus, bioeconomy is one of the five development focus areas of our regional strategy. The others are digital economy, well-being economy, knowledge-based economy and tourism. Sustainability is something that we must consider with all the focus areas, it is a key aspect for long lasting bioeconomy.

This video leads you to look at the various sides of bioeconomy. It presents examples of innovative companies from wood industry to nature travelling. Furthermore, it presents the educational and research institutes from Central Finland. In addition to facts, you are welcome to enjoy and feel the beautiful summer of Central Finland.

This video was made in the RDI2CluB-project (Rural RDI milieus in transition towards smart bioeconomy clusters and innovation ecosystems, 2017-2020) funded by EU Interreg Baltic Sea Region.

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