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Meet the Scientists of the Future Bioeconomy part 1: Using microbes to create new bioplastics


Research scientist Anna Ylinen is doing her doctoral thesis at the Center for Young Synbio…

“A Billion Ton Bioeconomy Vision” in the United States – Finland looking to partner


Traditional expertise in the forest industry along with wood-based product innovations over the last few…

Wooden building – A beauty with health benefits?


Finns love their wild forests and blue lakes. Therefore, it is no wonder that they…

Video: Bioeconomy in Central Finland


Bioeconomy has been Central Finland’s advantage for a long time. And now, because of megatrends…

Updated Finnish Bioeconomy Strategy aims to promote sustainable growth and climate objectives

Editors' ChoiceCase

The objective of the updated Finnish Bioeconomy Strategy is to harness the bioeconomy to create…

How to cut the carbon footprint of milk down to zero?


Valio’s goal is to cut the carbon footprint of milk to zero by 2035. Carbon-neutral…

A durable wood-based alternative to disposable cutlery

Wood and forestCase

Outokumpu-based Akvila Cutlery Oy contributes to solving the world’s plastic problem with durable and reusable…

New life for biowaste – resource-smart fabric made of straw


The globally growing concern about climate change and finite resources has turned the attention to…

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