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Sawn goods export prices boost value added in the forest sector

Wood and forestCase

Finland’s bioeconomy is strongly based on forests. Last year, the forest sector’s share increased to…

The happiest people in the world and the purest nature – the renewed showcases Finland’s best travel destinations

Ecosystem servicesCase, a travel website for an international audience, was relaunched in early 2022, showcasing Finland…

A container full of animal feed – fly pupae grown on waste potatoes can be used as feed for chickens or fish

Valkoisella pöydällä mustasotilaskärpäsen toukkia

Manna Insect Ltd grows black soldier fly larvae in containers. The larvae become animal feed,…

Fabrics from the forest, colours from the field – Marimekko is looking for environmentally friendly alternatives for its production


Marimekko is looking for materials for its products with little environmental impact. Bio-based tableware will…

Biorefinery Map™ displaying biorefineries in Europe


Biorefinery Map™ was published in the summer 2022. It displays for the first time wood-based…

Smart Bioeconomy documentary series: Science news for junior high school and high school students


The world needs scientists and engineers – now more than ever. Tackling climate change will…

Innovative Bioeconomy – Future Strategies and Solutions


A bioeconomy seminar by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment was arranged May 13th…

The Finnish Bioeconomy Strategy. Sustainably towards higher value added


The Finnish Bioeconomy Strategy. Sustainably towards higher value added Finland’s Bioeconomy Strategy 2022–2035 aims sustainably…

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