Cellulose-based plastic-free foams

Blog - Published 8.1.2024

Woamy, a spin-off from FinnCERES at Aalto University, is revolutionizing the packaging industry with a groundbreaking innovation – cellulose-based plastic-free foams.

These novel foams are designed to be a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic foams such as styrofoam and contribute to solving the global challenge of plastic pollution. Woamy’s technology combines the inherent strength of wood with a lightweight and porous structure, providing a bio-based and a plastic-free solution for packaging materials and various other applications. The multidisciplinary team is developing a continuous manufacturing process to bring the foams to the market.

What distinguishes Woamy from other similar biomaterials is its unique production process, which uses a deep understanding of wood chemistry to create closed-cell porous structures.

This results in foams that are not only strong and lightweight but also fully bio-based, biodegradable and recyclable. The startup has overcome challenges related to water resistance, ensuring the durability of its cellulose-based products. Woamy’s focus on sustainability has attracted significant interest in the market, particularly from companies looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to their packaging.

As the demand for sustainable materials increases, Woamy is now looking to expand its production to meet the growing needs of the market, demonstrating the potential of Finnish entrepreneurship and multidisciplinary cooperation.

More information about Woamy.

The author of the blog Nina Pulkkis is a science journalist and documentary filmmaker. She is the creator of the award winning Future of Finland science -series and the multidisciplinary science project Korvaa. She is specialised in covering themes that include synthetic biology and biomaterials. Contact details: nina.pulkkis@synbio.fi, +358 50 4416714, Twitter: @NPulkkis.

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