Video: Forest based Bioeconomy in Finland

Video - Published 10.10.2014

Welcome to the land of Bioeconomy; the future of sustainable economic growth and wellbeing – also called Finland. Finland has a long history of producing timber and other wood based products, which is no surprise since 80% of its landmass is covered with forest. And today we grow much more wood than what is cut from the forests.

We are also known for our high level of education, science and technology. Being a small country, we have always relied on thinking smart about resources. Today, Finland is at the forefront of bioeconomics: the science of using renewable resources for producing materials, energy, services and new products.

The Bioeconomy is sustainable, efficient and innovative. For example wood-based clothing material such as viscose or ioncell fibers can be used instead of cotton – and composites made from cellulose fibers are a great replacement for plastics. With skills in Biotechnology and refinery, we have brought about sustainable solutions ranging from cosmetics to heating and jet fuel. We can even make buildings store carbon dioxide instead of releasing it – and these are just a few examples of Bioeconomy innovations created in Finland.

Sharing and combining the knowledge of all these innovations has been the key to helping Finland become a superpower of the bioeconomy. We will deliver a sustainable future.

Are you in need of something that can be solved by means of sustainable bioeconomy?

Just call out for a Finn.

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