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Finland signed commitment to promote sustainable and fair use of water

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At the Climate Change Conference today, Finland signed the Glasgow Declaration for Fair Water Footprints.…

The key to sustainable growth lies in the oceans

Windpower stations in forested landscape.

Often seen as one of the most overstretched resources, the seas offer one of the…

Transforming the water sector – enabled by digitalisation

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Water resources management and water services are being renewed. Better water security is a key…

Leadership in water business requires open-minded innovation

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Access to clean water in abundance is so self-evident for us Finns that we do…

On the interface between water and digitalisation

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Is there an intangible substitute for the value of water? Will digitalisation enable us to…

Recycle nutrients for clear waters – the videos show you how!


What could ecologically intensive agriculture really be like? What do common reed and chicken poop…

China-Europe water cooperation built in Turku – Ministers from several countries will be present

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On 21–22 September 2017, a high-level political conference on water cooperation between China and the…

Stocking streams with salmon and trout eggs in biodegradable boxes

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eco egg box next to water.

Fish roe planting is the most cost-effective way of restoring trout and salmon to running…

Nordic countries aim for growth in blue bioeconomy

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The Nordic Council of Ministers has set out common objectives for business relating to water…