Ecosystem Services

Our societies are being maintained by services produced by the ecosystem: nature regulates the climate, binds carbon, controls flooding and creates groundwater, and it is also an important source of well-being and recreation. In order to function properly, the nature needs to be diverse. Securing the ecosystem services, i.e. the structures and functioning of ecosystems, is a precondition for a sustainable bioeconomy.

Ecosystem services offer opportunities for various kinds of enterprise in, for example, tourism, culture and health and well-being businesses. Development and productisation of sustainable solutions into business activities is a core element of bioeconomy. Such solutions may also concern more broadly the recognition of ecosystem services and securing access to them. There are new business opportunities based on ecosystem services for building, decentralised energy production and water and landscape management (e.g. utilisation of water circulation, microclimate and vegetation as part of sustainable building and community planning).