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Roberts Berrie supplies the daily berries all year round

A woman drinking Roberts Berrie product.

Finnish berry innovation Roberts Berrie contains a huge amount of whole berries from the northern&…

The fish of the future grows ecologically indoors

Fish and watersCase
Salmons swimming in a tank.

Modern fish farming based on recirculation aquaculture systems might be the next Finnish global success&…

Publication: Finland is a forerunner in new bioeconomy innovations

Wood and forestNews

The publication “Wood-Based Bioeconomy Solving Global Challenges”, written by top experts from companies, research institutes&…

Nordic countries aim for growth in blue bioeconomy

Fish and watersNews

The Nordic Council of Ministers has set out common objectives for business relating to water&…

Valio introduces an unprecedented innovation to reduce salt

Valio Valsa less salt products.

The food industry has long been expected to provide solutions for reducing salt. With Valio&…

The Finnish Benella Rainbow Trout promotes both the welfare of the environment and the consumer

Fish and watersCase
Benella rainbow trouts swimming.

The challenge in the Finnish fish farming has been to differentiate the domestic rainbow trout&…

Arctic Warriors bring traditional Lappish herbs to life

Ecosystem servicesCase
Arctic Warriors product, a mug and herbs.

Roseroot and Angelica, herbs native to Lapland, have a long history, yet have been forgotten&…

Fazer answers to the growing oat boom with a new technology

Oat grains.

Oats are a “supergrain” and a good source of diverse nutrients. The EU has approved&…

Food packaging

Wood and forestCase
Two Valio milk cartons.

Over the years, the manufacture of pulp and paperboard has advanced to a point that&…

Biofuel, bioplastic and nanocellulose

Wood and forestCase
Biofuel put into a car.

Just like any other organic material, wood can also be used to make oil. Wood-based&…

Medicines from wood

Wood and forestCase
Abilar -cream.

Wood contains thousands of compounds, though only a fraction of them are known to us&…