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Harnessing Solar Power: A Revolutionary Self-Sterilizing Material


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented changes to our world. The swift and widespread&…

Natural healing: UPM’s FibDex® replaces synthetic materials in wound dressing with wood-based nanocellulose

Birch leaf.

The novel wood-based wound dressing offers significant benefits for both patients and hospitals and is&…

Finland boasts the largest organic wild collection area in the world

Ecosystem servicesCase
Lingonberry branch.

Collecting organic and wild produce presents Finnish agriculture and bioeconomy new opportunities. Linking the pure&…

Publication: Wood-Based Bioeconomy Solving Global Challenges

Wood and forestCase
Wood based bioeconomy solving global challenges.

The publication “Wood-Based Bioeconomy Solving Global Challenges”, written by top experts from companies, research institutes&…

Spruce resin harvested by hand in Finland to treat a variety of skin problems

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Resin drop on a spruce trunk.

There is liquid forest gold glimmering in the bioeconomy side streams. The Pihqa spruce resin&…

Nordic countries aim for growth in blue bioeconomy

Fish and watersNews

The Nordic Council of Ministers has set out common objectives for business relating to water&…

Finnish spruce produces protective and nurturing ingredients also for human health

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An axe on a tree trunk.

Repolar Pharmaceuticals Ltd develops and manufactures products based on resin of a spruce tree. The&…

Medicines from wood

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Abilar -cream.

Wood contains thousands of compounds, though only a fraction of them are known to us&…