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Finland and Mexico continue bilateral forestry cooperation

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On 25 April 2024, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Sari Essayah signed an updated Memorandum…

Forest ministers from Finland and five other EU countries publish a joint statement on promoting forest cooperation

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On 5 October 2021, forest ministers from five highly- forested EU countries – Finland, Sweden,…

Roberts Berrie supplies the daily berries all year round

A woman drinking Roberts Berrie product.

Finnish berry innovation Roberts Berrie contains a huge amount of whole berries from the northern&…

The Best Practices for Sustainable Forest Management help the Finns to grow diverse and productive forests

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Tapio's Best practice's logo and young forest in the background.

The Best Practices for Sustainable Forest Management have guided the Finnish forests management for several&…

The Forest Academy increases Finnish decision makers’ awareness of forests

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Forest academy participants on rocky forested hill.

The forest is Finland’s most important natural resource. To maximise the potential of this…

Nature photography and travelling boosting sparsely populated areas

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A bear in a forest.

An animal can be shot down only once but photographed hundreds – even thousands of…

HaliPuu brings the Finnish forest within everybody’s reach

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A girl hugging a tree in wintery forest.

A forest cannot be exported. Its ancient root systems reach deep underground, even when the&…

Finnish spruce produces protective and nurturing ingredients also for human health

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An axe on a tree trunk.

Repolar Pharmaceuticals Ltd develops and manufactures products based on resin of a spruce tree. The&…


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Black alder forest.

One-third of the Earth’s surface is forest. In Finland, forest coverage is 75 percent –…