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Finland’s initiative on the International Year of Plan Health 2020 about to come true


In mid-December the UN will decide on celebrating the first International Year of Plant Health&…

Robbe’s Little Garden’s vertical farming boosted by smart technology greenhouses 

Robbe's little garden plants in violet light.

Finnish Robbe’s Little Garden (Robbe’s lilla trädgård) is a pioneer of…

Finland boasts the largest organic wild collection area in the world

Ecosystem servicesCase
Lingonberry branch.

Collecting organic and wild produce presents Finnish agriculture and bioeconomy new opportunities. Linking the pure&…

Silmusalaatti – sprouting goodness!

Silmusalaatti package and filled croissant.

Organic agriculture in Helsinki region without subsidies, fertilisers, pesticides or land to cultivate! How is&…

Soilfood heads towards sustainable agriculture with recycled nutrients

Soilfood's five workers in a field.

We can mitigate climate change and prevent eutrophication of waterbodies by taking better care of&…

Future food from your kitchen table

Blueberries and CellPod food cells in a wooden cup.

Forget the shrivelled basils! How about a cloudberry or arctic bramble-smoothie with fresh ingredients grown&…

Naava’s smart green wall produces healthy indoor air

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Office with Naava's green wall.

Everyone knows plants clean and purify air. Naava has now developed and patented a technology…

Superfood and cosmetics from the gifts of northern nature

Two Fenola products.

Berries, fungi, and herbs are a treasure trove of northern nature that goes mostly ignored&…

FRANTSILA – Wellbeing and health from nature


Frantsila Organic Herb Farm has been a pioneer of organic herb growing and natural health&…

Arctic Warriors bring traditional Lappish herbs to life

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Arctic Warriors product, a mug and herbs.

Roseroot and Angelica, herbs native to Lapland, have a long history, yet have been forgotten&…