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Finland joins non-paper: The bioeconomy must be at the core of the EU’s industrial policy


Bio-based solutions and biotechnologies drive circular bioeconomy. They boost EU competitiveness, create jobs, and enhance&…

Government proposes increased transparency on sustainability impacts of large and listed companies

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On 28 September 2023, the Government submitted to Parliament its proposal for amending the Accounting…

EU celebrates Organic Day for second time


The EU Member States will celebrate the European Organic Day in various ways around the&…

A Pilot Environment for Sustainable Manufacturing of Fiber Products


Using current methods for producing paper, cardboard, tissue paper, and nonwovens requires much water, and&…

The happiest people in the world and the purest nature – the renewed Visitfinland.com showcases Finland’s best travel destinations

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Visitfinland.com, a travel website for an international audience, was relaunched in early 2022, showcasing Finland&…

Making sustainable car batteries from wood

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What if you could replace graphitic carbon in lithium-ion batteries with something more sustainable? Something&…

Finland signed commitment to promote sustainable and fair use of water

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At the Climate Change Conference today, Finland signed the Glasgow Declaration for Fair Water Footprints.&…

Funding opportunity for researchers and stakeholders in forestry and/or gender

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Nordic Forest Research (SNS) will fund networking activities in Nordic forestry for one year. If…

New project to promote allocation of funding to sustainable development


The Government’s objective is to direct more private funding towards sustainable investments in the…

Is the blue bioeconomy sustainable?

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The blue bioeconomy refers to the sustainable use of renewable aquatic natural resources and business&…

A wooden telecommunication mast is aesthetic and ecologic

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Traffic and in the background wooden telecommunication mast.

EcoTelligent Ltd has brought a new wooden ECOPOL-telecommunication mast to the market. With its low-carbon&…

The Best Practices for Sustainable Forest Management help the Finns to grow diverse and productive forests

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Tapio's Best practice's logo and young forest in the background.

The Best Practices for Sustainable Forest Management have guided the Finnish forests management for several&…

Making of Tomorrow: Wellbeing from Food

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In the years to come, corporate social and environmental responsibility will be taken for granted&…

Qvidja Kraft’s biomethanation method revolutionises efficiency and storage of bioenergy

A swamp.

With this new method microbes obtained from swamps produce methane from hydrogen, carbon dioxide, biogas&…

Research project: Photosynthesis research – a fundamental tool in bioeconomy

Laboratory equipment.

Transition from fossil raw materials to sustainable bioeconomy is one of the most fundamental challenges&…

The Finnish national parks have a high return on investment – the visitor volumes are going up

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Julma-Ölkky canyon lake.

Finnish outdoor activities are currently attracting both Finnish and international tourists. The visitor numbers of&…