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16 EU Member States led by Finland: Bioeconomy must stand out at core of next Commission’s Work Programme

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According to the joint statement of the For Forest group composed of four forested countries&…

New period of EU’s common agricultural policy off to good start


The first year of the EU’s common agricultural policy (CAP) 2023–2027 is coming to an&…

Finland’s finalised CAP plan submitted to European Commission


Finland submitted its finalised CAP plan to the European Commission on 20 July 2022. The…

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry provides EUR 7.3 million in funding for 19 new Catch the Carbon development projects – package of more than 100 projects promotes climate work in land use sector

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The new Catch the Carbon projects will develop and pilot regional and local climate work,&…

Nordic food system solutions discussed at summer meeting hosted by Finland


On Thursday 25 June, Finland hosted a meeting of the Nordic ministers of agriculture. Finland…

Instructions for health-secure entry of seasonal workers in primary production are ready


Employer instructions for health-secure entry, quarantine and for the preparation of a health security plan&…

How to cut the carbon footprint of milk down to zero?

A woman and a grazing cow.

Valio’s goal is to cut the carbon footprint of milk to zero by 2035. Carbon-neutral&…

GrainSense, the hand-held device with cloud services for instant grain quality measurements

GrainSense in hand, in the background field.

The GrainSense analyser is designed for measuring the moisture, protein, oil and carbohydrates in cereals&…

Bioeconomy promoting rural development in Europe

Lavender field.

The bioeconomy can mean very different things for people living in rural areas in Finland,&…

Finnish chickens are reared without antibiotics


Food should not contain antibiotics. Research shows that Finnish meat is a pure, safe choice.&…

Making of Tomorrow: Wellbeing from Food

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In the years to come, corporate social and environmental responsibility will be taken for granted&…

Silmusalaatti – sprouting goodness!

Silmusalaatti package and filled croissant.

Organic agriculture in Helsinki region without subsidies, fertilisers, pesticides or land to cultivate! How is&…

Soilfood heads towards sustainable agriculture with recycled nutrients

Soilfood's five workers in a field.

We can mitigate climate change and prevent eutrophication of waterbodies by taking better care of&…