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Fazer answers to the growing oat boom with a new technology

Oat grains.

Oats are a “supergrain” and a good source of diverse nutrients. The EU has approved&…


Wood and forestCase
Skateboard ramp and skaters.

Thanks to its strength and lightness, plywood is suitable for a variety of end-uses from&…


Wood and forestCase

The word paper brings to mind newspapers, magazines, books, office paper, toilet paper and so&…


Wood and forestCase
WoodCast as a leg support.

Made from wood and biodegradable plastic, Woodcast® is an innovative, ecological and completely non-toxic casting&…

Wood shavings as animal bedding material

Wood and forestCase
A woman and a horse in a stall.

Light-coloured wood shavings used in stalls provide horses with protection against cold floors and give&…

Wood pellets

A hand sprinkling wood pellets.

Wood pellets are a Finnish fuel product made from renewable natural resources, which can be&…

From paperboard to packaging

Wood and forestCase
Paperboard briefcase.

Packaging is used everywhere from manufacturing industries to retail, households and everywhere in between. The&…

Tissue papers

Wood and forestCase
Toilet paper on a holder.

In some situations it is nearly impossible to find any sensible alternative for products made&…


Wood and forestCase
Metsä Group's pulp factory.

For a long time, the paper, board and pulp industry has contributed approximately two-thirds of&…


Wood and forestCase
A woman holding a carton board box with chocolates.

Did you know: one cubic metre of wood is enough to make 20,000 paperback covers…

Timber structures

Wood and forestCase
Metsä Group's interior design timber structures.

Timber construction slows down climate change, as trees trap carbon dioxide from the air during&…

Self-adhesive label materials

Wood and forestCase
Blood test tubes in a row.

Self-adhesive labels are used on packaging of all shapes and sizes and on many different&…

Composite, UPM Formi

Wood and forestCase
UPM:n Biofore-car presented in an exhibition..

The Biofore concept car of UPM demonstrates an innovative use of biomaterials in the automotive&…

Composite, UPM ProFi

Wood and forestCase
UPM Profi-composite on Finnish pavilion "Giant's Kettle".

The UPM ProFi composite was utilised at the Finnish pavilion (dubbed ‘Giant’s Kettle’) at…

Consumer product packaging

Wood and forestCase
Three Polar Loop packages.

Packaging needs to tell the product story and describe the content. Polar Loop is an&…

Building with Wood

Wood and forestCase
A city view with wooden architecture.

In the old days, whole towns were constructed from wood in Scandinavia. Since the 19th&…