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Finnish regions implement national bioeconomy strategy with help from ministries

Wooden block of flats behind a number of trees.

Finland’s bioeconomy strategy aims at doubling the added value of bioeconomy sustainably. Is there…

Finland joins non-paper: The bioeconomy must be at the core of the EU’s industrial policy


Bio-based solutions and biotechnologies drive circular bioeconomy. They boost EU competitiveness, create jobs, and enhance&…

VTT’s Pilot Platform Brings New Methods to Effective Recycling of Plastics and Mixed Textiles

Bioruukin laitteistoa.

VTT Bioruukki pilot centre will investigate new recycling methods for plastics and mixed textiles. The&…

The transition of the textile and fashion industry creates sustainable growth

Kuvassa kädet

Finnish companies producing bio-based and recyclable textile fibres and materials would benefit from a development&…

Sawn goods export prices boost value added in the forest sector

Wood and forestCase

Finland’s bioeconomy is strongly based on forests. Last year, the forest sector’s share…

Biorefinery Map™ displaying biorefineries in Europe


Biorefinery Map™ was published in the summer 2022. It displays for the first time wood-based…

Become a Bioeconomy Youth Ambassador!


Are you between 18 and 35 years old and have experience or strong interest in…

Innovative Bioeconomy – Future Strategies and Solutions


A bioeconomy seminar by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment was arranged May 13th&…

The Finnish Bioeconomy Strategy. Sustainably towards higher value added


The Finnish Bioeconomy Strategy. Sustainably towards higher value added Finland’s Bioeconomy Strategy 2022–2035 aims sustainably&…

Bioeconomy Strategy 2022–2035 – Sustainably towards higher value added


Finland’s new Bioeconomy Strategy has been completed. The strategy aims to double the value…

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry provides EUR 7.3 million in funding for 19 new Catch the Carbon development projects – package of more than 100 projects promotes climate work in land use sector

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The new Catch the Carbon projects will develop and pilot regional and local climate work,&…

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry provides EUR five million in funding for research and innovation projects that promote climate change resilience in agriculture, forestry and other types of land use


The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry funds five new research and innovation projects from the&…

10 policy recommendations for EU member states to build their national bioeconomy policies


Ten policy recommendations are used to incentivize EU member countries to build their national bioeconomy&…

Minister of Economic Affairs Lintilä to visit the United States to discuss energy and bioeconomy


Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä will visit the United States on 15–16 November. This…

Meet the Scientists of the Future Bioeconomy part 3: Engineering the cell factory


To stay competitive, industries need to increase their productivity. Typically this is done by improving&…

Meet the Scientists of the Future Bioeconomy part 2: Spider Silk – the supermaterial of the future

Electrospinning of a biosynthetic spidersilk.

Spider silk is one of the strongest materials found in the natural world. Scientists have&…