2.3 Objectives

The strategy’s main objective is to increase the value added by the bioeconomy. The aim is to create economic growth and jobs based on sustainable solutions by producing the highest possible added value products and services.

The value added of the bioeconomy was EUR 26 billion in 2019. The objective of the strategy is to accelerate the annual growth of the bioeconomy’s value added from 3% to 4%. If the objective of the Bioeconomy Strategy is realised, the bioeconomy’s value added will be EUR 50 billion in 2035.

The bioeconomy plays an important role in supporting the green transition of society. A sustainable bioeconomy is a solution to many climate and biodiversity issues. The active role of the bioeconomy in the green transition is contributing to ensuring socially and regionally just and economically sustainable change.

At the same time, the Bioeconomy Strategy aims to:

  • create competitive and innovative bioeconomy solutions to global problems
  • generate business that promotes renewal both to the domestic and international markets, which will bring well-being to Finland as a whole
  • increase the resource-efficient use and recycling of materials and utilise side streams
  • reduce dependence on non-renewable raw materials, especially those that are fossil-based
  • ensure ecological sustainability, social justice as well as the capacity of renewable natural resources to renew and to broadly strengthen bioeconomy competence
  • strengthen and renew technological foundations