4.2 Monitoring of the strategy and measures

The impacts of the Finnish Bioeconomy Strategy will be monitored through a set of statistics produced in cooperation between the Natural Resources Institute Finland and Statistics Finland. The indicators for monitoring the implementation of the strategy’s key objectives are the bioeconomy’s

  • value added
  • investments
  • export of goods
  • number of employed people

Natural Resources Institute Finland and Statistics Finland specify the existing indicators for each industry and sector as one strategic measure. One of the strategy measures will be the more specific definition of responsibilities and methods. The clarification of the industries and sectors covered by monitoring and the manner in which they are presented may in some respects alter the previously presented figures on bioeconomy value added, investments, exports of goods and employment.

Ecological, economic and social sustainability is monitored with other existing indicators, including sector-specific indicators. For example, social sustainability indicators are monitored in the monitoring of sustainable development in accordance with the UN Agenda 2030, www.kestavakehitys.fi. In addition, the sustainability indicators included in the EU Bioeconomy Strategy will be used. The appropriate indicators of other strategies and policy programmes, such as diverse ecosystem services-related indicators, will also be used in monitoring the strategy.

The monitoring of the Bioeconomy Strategy examines which indicators or measurements of ecological sustainability are suitable for assessing the impacts of measures.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is responsible for implementing the monitoring of the strategy’s impacts. The strategy will be assessed for the first time at the latest in 2024 and during each government term thereafter.

The impacts of the strategy have been assessed in scenario work and in reviews of Finland’s national economy.