The Government Report on the Agenda for Sustainable Development (Agenda 2030)

National Forest Strategy 2025 update

EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030

Climate and Energy Strategy

The Government’s Sustainability Roadmap

A new direction: Proposal for a strategic programme for the circular economy

Low-carbon road maps for sectors

Updated EU Bioeconomy Strategy

Scenario for sustainable growth in the Finnish bioeconomy

Analysis of the bioeconomy’s operating environment

Comparative report on bioeconomy strategies in different countries

Natural Resources Institute Finland: The bioeconomy in numbers

IPCC (2018) Global Warming of 1,5°C

Prime Minister Marin’s Government Programme:

The Finland we want by 2050 – Society’s commitment to sustainable developmentävän+kehityksen+yhteiskuntasitoumus+20+4+2016.pdf (

Arasto A., Asikainen A. and Kaukovirta A. Finnish bioeconomy on the global product market 2035.

Bio-based industries consortium: SIRA Strategic research and innovation agenda.

SusChem:Strategic Innovation and research agenda. Innovation priorities for EU and global challenges.

CLIC Innovation: Strategic research and innovation agenda. Forest-based circular bioeconomy.

Forest-based sector technology platform. Strategic research and innovation agenda 2030 of the European forest-based sector,

Sustainable economic growth and our future wellbeing