2.4 Strategic focus areas

The 2014 Bioeconomy Strategy’s strategic goals have now been replaced by a focus area analysis. The changes to the analysis reflect the development of both our thinking and operating methods. Goals and the greatest need for measures are also largely parallel in a wide range of sectors. Chapter 3 outlines measures for the priorities presented, the main focus of which was on measures promoting the bioeconomy’s value added in general and in different sectors.

The bioeconomy is based on ecological, social and economic sustainability. There are separate strategies for many of the factors on which this strategy, too, is based. The promotion of the bioeconomy still requires strong RDI investments and support for the commercialisation of innovations. Supporting the bioeconomy’s value added was identified as an important priority area that other strategies do not currently support. The value added is also a good, distinctive spearhead in international and EU influence.

Figure 4: Strategic priorities of the Bioeconomy Strategy