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At the forefront of the textile revolution – Finnish biomaterials startup presents a new, more sustainable textile fiber


The rapidly evolving field of sustainable textile fibers has a new player. Aalto University’s spin-off…

Woodio’s waterproof wood composite elevates wood to a new level

Wood and forestCase
Woodio design basin.

Finnish design has a new top product that combines Scandinavian design, modern innovation, and an…

Stora Enso’s Lineo replaces nonrenewable materials

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Lignine powder.

Stora Enso’s lignin based Lineo can replace fossil phenolic compounds in glues and paints. It…

A wooden telecommunication mast is aesthetic and ecologic

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Traffic and in the background wooden telecommunication mast.

EcoTelligent Ltd has brought a new wooden ECOPOL-telecommunication mast to the market. With its low-carbon…

Intelligent wooden cladding products

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Haptic wooden surfaces.

Haptic combines Finnish wooden interior design and technological know-how with its new solution that brings…


Wood and forestCase
Skateboard ramp and skaters.

Thanks to its strength and lightness, plywood is suitable for a variety of end-uses from…


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The word paper brings to mind newspapers, magazines, books, office paper, toilet paper and so…


Wood and forestCase
WoodCast as a leg support.

Made from wood and biodegradable plastic, Woodcast® is an innovative, ecological and completely non-toxic casting…

Wood pellets

A hand sprinkling wood pellets.

Wood pellets are a Finnish fuel product made from renewable natural resources, which can be…

Tissue papers

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Toilet paper on a holder.

In some situations it is nearly impossible to find any sensible alternative for products made…


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Metsä Group's pulp factory.

For a long time, the paper, board and pulp industry has contributed approximately two-thirds of…

Timber structures

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Metsä Group's interior design timber structures.

Timber construction slows down climate change, as trees trap carbon dioxide from the air during…

Self-adhesive label materials

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Blood test tubes in a row.

Self-adhesive labels are used on packaging of all shapes and sizes and on many different…

Composite, UPM Formi

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UPM:n Biofore-car presented in an exhibition..

The Biofore concept car of UPM demonstrates an innovative use of biomaterials in the automotive…

Consumer product packaging

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Three Polar Loop packages.

Packaging needs to tell the product story and describe the content. Polar Loop is an…