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Natural healing: UPM’s FibDex® replaces synthetic materials in wound dressing with wood-based nanocellulose

The novel wood-based wound dressing offers significant benefits for both patients and hospitals and is…


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Woodio’s waterproof wood composite elevates wood to a new level

Finnish design has a new top product that combines Scandinavian design, modern innovation, and an…


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Accommodation concept for the demands of ecological and experiential nature tourism

Vuolas accommodation combines the best features of cottage life, hotel nights, and staying in the…


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Wood – a material that can transform the construction sector?

Despite improvement in the construction sector, the sector is a big contributor to climate change…


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A wooden telecommunication mast is aesthetic and ecologic

EcoTelligent Ltd has brought a new wooden ECOPOL-telecommunication mast to the market. With its low-carbon…


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Publication: Wood-Based Bioeconomy Solving Global Challenges

The publication “Wood-Based Bioeconomy Solving Global Challenges”, written by top experts from companies, research institutes…


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The biodegradable Sulapac® material aims to challenge plastic

The Sulapac® innovation, developed by Finns Suvi Haimi and Laura Kyllönen, combines wood and Nordic…


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Making of Tomorrow: Renewal from Biomaterials

In the near future, bio-packaging materials will challenge fossil-based plastics in many areas, and will…



VTT hosted a Hackathon to find new Bioeconomy Solutions

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is exploring different ways in which to collaborate and…


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The Forest Academy increases Finnish decision makers’ awareness of forests

The forest is Finland’s most important natural resource. To maximise the potential of this renewable…


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Stora Enso aims to boost wood construction with new building solutions

Stora Enso has launched a new concept, Building Systems by Stora Enso, to support the…



Research project: Norway spruce tissue culturing – the future plant production

Wood is one of the most important raw materials for bioeconomy. It is estimated that…


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Intelligent wooden cladding products

Haptic combines Finnish wooden interior design and technological know-how with its new solution that brings…


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Finnish spruce produces protective and nurturing ingredients also for human health

Repolar Pharmaceuticals Ltd develops and manufactures products based on resin of a spruce tree. The…


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Yarn from wood for textile industry with Spinnova’s innovative technology

With Spinnova’s new technology it’s possible to produce yarn from pulp without any harmful chemicals.…


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Thanks to its strength and lightness, plywood is suitable for a variety of end-uses from…


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