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The transition of the textile and fashion industry creates sustainable growth

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Finnish companies producing bio-based and recyclable textile fibres and materials would benefit from a development…

Finland’s Circular Economy Programme sets targets to curb overconsumption of natural resources

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By the resolution on promoting a circular economy adopted today, on 7 April, the Finnish…

Rapporteur Routila proposes bioeconomy and circular economy industry for Naantali refinery area

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At the request of Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä, Patria Oyj’s Chairman of the…

Minister Lintilä to promote energy exports on a virtual visit to Indonesia


Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä will meet Indonesia’s Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources…

A durable wood-based alternative to disposable cutlery

Wood and forestCase
Wood-based cutlery.

Outokumpu-based Akvila Cutlery Oy contributes to solving the world’s plastic problem with durable and reusable…

New life for biowaste – resource-smart fabric made of straw

Top and skirt made of wheat straw.

The globally growing concern about climate change and finite resources has turned the attention to…

CH-Bioforce is revolutionizing the production of bio-based materials

Wood and forestCase
Lignine and a toy tractor made of lignine.

CH-Bioforce has developed a completely new way of processing biomass. With the help of the…

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s strategy for 2030 now complete


The Ministry of Agriculture aims to make responsible bioeconomy and circular economy an integral part…

Helsieni mushrooms from coffee waste

Helsieni package in the seaside.

We all have a great potential to impact positively to the environment with the food…

Cobiolube is an oil-free and eco-friendly lubricant

Cobiolube chain lube.

The 100% biodegradable Cobiolube® is a lubricant for equipment and machines and completely harmless to…

What can Finland learn from the success story of Norwegian fish farming?

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The Norwegian coast is ideal for salmon farming. The sea is just the right cool…

Recycle nutrients for clear waters – the videos show you how!


What could ecologically intensive agriculture really be like? What do common reed and chicken poop…

Kotkamills en route towards a plastic free world – one package at a time

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Three reycyclable Kotka Mills coffee cups.

Plastic waste is an ever-growing problem and Kotkamills has developed a solution to vanquish it.…

Time to re-think and modernise the European economy


If you think how we today produce and consume goods it is evident that the…

Climate and the renewing of the EU Bioeconomy Strategy


9.2.2018 The bioeconomy is often viewed as a more sustainable form of economy, as it…

Research project: Production of algae in waste streams for a fossil free future

A graph of transAlgae production potential.

Algae is considered the 3rd generation of biofuels, and several value-added products can be made from…