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Finnish regions implement national bioeconomy strategy with help from ministries

Wooden block of flats behind a number of trees.

Finland’s bioeconomy strategy aims at doubling the added value of bioeconomy sustainably. Is there…

How to cut the carbon footprint of milk down to zero?

A woman and a grazing cow.

Valio’s goal is to cut the carbon footprint of milk to zero by 2035. Carbon-neutral&…

A durable wood-based alternative to disposable cutlery

Wood and forestCase
Wood-based cutlery.

Outokumpu-based Akvila Cutlery Oy contributes to solving the world’s plastic problem with durable and…

New life for biowaste – resource-smart fabric made of straw

Top and skirt made of wheat straw.

The globally growing concern about climate change and finite resources has turned the attention to&…

GrainSense, the hand-held device with cloud services for instant grain quality measurements

GrainSense in hand, in the background field.

The GrainSense analyser is designed for measuring the moisture, protein, oil and carbohydrates in cereals&…

Natural healing: UPM’s FibDex® replaces synthetic materials in wound dressing with wood-based nanocellulose

Birch leaf.

The novel wood-based wound dressing offers significant benefits for both patients and hospitals and is&…

Woodio’s waterproof wood composite elevates wood to a new level

Wood and forestCase
Woodio design basin.

Finnish design has a new top product that combines Scandinavian design, modern innovation, and an&…

CH-Bioforce is revolutionizing the production of bio-based materials

Wood and forestCase
Lignine and a toy tractor made of lignine.

CH-Bioforce has developed a completely new way of processing biomass. With the help of the&…

Roberts Berrie supplies the daily berries all year round

A woman drinking Roberts Berrie product.

Finnish berry innovation Roberts Berrie contains a huge amount of whole berries from the northern&…

Accommodation concept for the demands of ecological and experiential nature tourism

Ecosystem servicesCase
Accommodation in winter forest with northern lights in the background.

Vuolas accommodation combines the best features of cottage life, hotel nights, and staying in the&…

Cobiolube is an oil-free and eco-friendly lubricant

Cobiolube chain lube.

The 100% biodegradable Cobiolube® is a lubricant for equipment and machines and completely harmless to…

Stora Enso’s Lineo replaces nonrenewable materials

Wood and forestCase
Lignine powder.

Stora Enso’s lignin based Lineo can replace fossil phenolic compounds in glues and paints.…

Progres – a power drop from the Finnish forest

Forest landscape and pine resin.

Progres is a revolutionary feed innovation that replaces feed antibiotics, improves food purity and the&…

IKEA foodwaste gets a new life as pure Gasum biogas

Gasum filling station.

New cooperation agreement between Gasum and IKEA Finland brings gas filling stations to IKEA stores.&…

The fish of the future grows ecologically indoors

Fish and watersCase
Salmons swimming in a tank.

Modern fish farming based on recirculation aquaculture systems might be the next Finnish global success&…

Robbe’s Little Garden’s vertical farming boosted by smart technology greenhouses 

Robbe's little garden plants in violet light.

Finnish Robbe’s Little Garden (Robbe’s lilla trädgård) is a pioneer of…